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I Discovered Myself in May 2017... MTF? Trans? (October 2017)

NoH8... Esme Rose is Here!!
I first started research into Transgender affairs and self-help in 2007. I was low in mood, but looking online. In 2017, I got brave and came out online. The reaction was mixed, but I had Online support and hate because of it! It wasn't easy, I can tell you, now! I'm still in Limbo some days and I guess that is Normal. I'm not seeing a Therapist till 2019, so that is Crazy in itself! If anybody is reading this, then please leave a Supportive Positive Comment. I am 38 and still finding my feet.

Here is a Short Film I Made, SEE BELOW on the Gender Dysphoria Subject I believe I have Experienced.

Please, Let's stay in touch and keep it Clean, Positive and Support One Another in the Upcoming Weeks, Months, Years... Thanks!!

Love Esme xx


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